New NY-11 Ad: Retired NYPD Officers Blast Max Rose for Marching to Defund The Police

Congressional Leadership Fund, the super PAC endorsed by House Republican Leadership, launched a new television ad today in New York’s 11th Congressional District. The new ad features direct-to-camera testimonials from retired NYPD officers sharing their disappointment with Max Rose for betraying law enforcement and deciding to march hand-in-hand with protestors calling to defund the police.

The new ad, which can be viewed below, will air on cable television and digital platforms in the district.

“Max Rose broke his oath to the people of New York’s 11th District,” said CLF Press Secretary Will Reinert. “Rose pledged to support law enforcement, then jumped right in line with the far left as they marched to defund the NYPD. Max Rose talks a tough game, but when push comes to shove, voters just can’t trust Max Rose to keep his word.”

NY-11 – Defund