New findings over Capps’ “lifetime of service”

In August, Central Coasters learned of Congresswoman Lois Capps’ failure to report more than $40,000 in rental income from her staffer to the IRS for 10 years.

But it gets worse…

Recently news broke that Capps failed to report over $500,000 of her income.

Lois Capps’ actions and statements hardly fit with the “lifetime of service built on trust” she’s made the centerpiece of her campaign.

Capps Failed to Report Over $500K: Representative Lois Capps left more than half a million dollars in income off financial disclosure records for an eight-year period, according to documents required by the clerk of the House of Representatives. – Santa Barbara Independent, 10/16/2012

Capps caught again: Congresswoman fails to report over half a million dollars in income: This is not the first time Capps has been in hot water over financial disclosures. In early August, The Daily Caller reported that Capps rented a room in her personal home to one of her congressional staffers, Jeremy Tittle, for years and did not report the income to the IRS for more than a decade, until 2012. Capps also withheld that information from the proper congressional authorities for five years, from 2001 until early 2006. – Daily Caller, 10/18/2012