New Ad In VA-05: Leslie Cockburn’s Liberal Policies Would Grow The Government

Virginians have a choice between Denver Riggleman who would grow the economy and Leslie Cockburn who would grow the government 

WASHINGTON – Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, today released its first ad, “Economy,” in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. The ad contrasts Denver Riggleman’s support to cut middle-class taxes and create more jobs with Leslie Cockburn’s support for Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda. The ad will run on television in the Roanoke media market and on digital platforms throughout the district.

“Denver Riggleman supported the middle-class tax cut that helped create four million jobs and the lowest unemployment in 50 years,” said Courtney Alexander, CLF Communications Director. “Leslie Cockburn joined Nancy Pelosi to oppose the middle-class tax cut and she even supports a $32 trillion spending plan that could double the national debt. Virginians can’t afford Leslie Cockburn in Congress.”

Watch the ad, “Economy,” here. 


VO: Grow our economy or grow government? 

That’s our choice.  

Denver Riggleman supports the middle-class tax cut… 

…that helped create four million jobs… 

…and the lowest unemployment in fifty years. 

Leslie Cockburn would take us backward. 

Cockburn joined Pelosi to oppose the middle-class tax cut. 

And Cockburn supports a thirty-two trillion dollar spending plan that could double the debt. 

Cockburn. Pelosi. 

Bigger government. A weaker economy.