Nevada’s Most Important Union Attacks Erin Bilbray’s Law

Career political operative and Obamacare booster Erin Bilbray’s political playbook has another hole in it. This time, it’s from the Culinary union issuing a blistering report detailing how Obamacare will hurt their health care and increase income inequality by reducing hours and pay.
Jon Ralston has the story on the Culinary union’s latest Obamacare report and letter, noting:
It is devastating to the Democrats. [. . .] Anyone who thought the unions would just slink back into the fold better rethink that notion.
Of course, these developments may be completely lost on Erin Bilbray, who is busy claiming she’s “under attack” when a TV ad runs thanking Congressman Joe Heck.
But if Erin Bilbray pays attention to her growing political problem long enough to read one sentence of the report, here’s the clincher:
We take seriously the promise that “if you like your health plan, you can keep it. Period.”
Those words should strike fear in an Obamacare booster like Erin Bilbray who claimed that “you can’t be thrown off your insurance.”
The Bottom Line:
The Culinary union’s blistering Obamacare report underscores that Erin Bilbray’s Obamacare support is bad politics and even worse policy for Nevadans.  Professional political player Erin Bilbray is right that she’s under attack, except it’s actually “friendly fire” from Nevada Democrats’ most important constituency.