As momentum stalls, Ossoff’s “uplifting campaign” dies

Jon Ossoff once called Karen Handel “delightful” and promised to run an “uplifting campaign” time and again. Following the release of an internal poll showing Ossoff’s momentum stalled, Ossoff’s campaign releases an ad attacking his opponent’s vast experience with the same old, and tired, D.C. establishment talking points.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise: Ossoff has proved throughout his campaign that he will say or do anything to get elected.


Ossoff Said That Voters In The 6th District Want Respectful, Decent Representation And That “I Made It Clear That I Can Run A Positive Campaign And Do It Better.” “‘Anger is just not who I am, and I don’t think it’s what voters in the 6th district want. They want respectful, decent representation that contrasts so starkly with what we have in Washington. The criticism is implicit. The criticism of what’s happening in the White House and what’s happening in Congress. I made it clear that I can run a positive campaign and do it better.’” (Charles P. Pierce, “The Man On The Front Lines Of The Anti-Trump Resistance,” Esquire, 3/10/17)

Ossoff Said “I Am Doing My Best And My Team Is Doing Its Best To Run A Different Kind Of Campaign … Despite All Of The Negativity Out There, We Are Doing Our Best To Run A Positive Campaign That Gives People Something To Believe In.” “Ossoff said his campaign aims to unite the district and give the people hope during a contentious political time. ‘I am doing my best and my team is doing its best to run a different kind of campaign, to run a campaign that approaches all voters with respect and humility, with no prejudice no matter where they are on the political spectrum, no matter who they support,’ Ossoff said. ‘Despite all of the negativity out there, we are doing our best to run a positive campaign that gives people something to believe in.’” (Tara Subramaniam, “Alumnus Under Fire in Georgia Congressional Campaign,” The Hoya, 3/17/17)