Mike Shields Statement on GOP House Victories

Congratulations to House Republican Candidates

WASHINGTON – Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC) President Mike Shields issued the following statement in response to Republican congressional race victories across the country.

CLF, along with its sister organization American Action Network (501c4), spent over $48 million in 32 congressional districts nationwide – remaining the single largest conservative spenders on U.S. House races. A list of winning races and expenditures as of 1:30 AM ET is also below.

“Congratulations to all the winning House Republican candidates this election,” said Mike Shields, CLF president. “We know that the American people have once again elected a Republican majority in the ‘People’s House.’ House Republicans are rising victorious because of their own hard work and vision for conservative solutions.

“Additionally, they were aided by the unprecedented resources we were able to provide at CLF/AAN. In the past, it took around $120 million to win the House, spread among a handful of groups. This cycle, CLF/AAN contributed almost $50 million and the NRCC contributed $90 million to secure yet another majority for Republicans in the House of Representatives – with no further significant outside help.

“Speaker Paul Ryan deserves great credit for maintaining a GOP Majority. His strong leadership in the House, prolific fundraising for candidates and committees, and vision for conservative solutions with the Better Way policy agenda have given Republicans a sure foundation in this tumultuous election.

“As this election becomes history, the real work of governing begins. It’s time for every House Republican to unite as a functional governing Majority to keep Washington in check and pass center-right solutions to make our country safer and more prosperous. The American people have demanded no less.”

Current List of Victorious Candidates
with Significant CLF & AAN Investment:

• Martha McSally (AZ-02): $700,000 from CLF
• David Valadao (CA-21): $700,000 from AAN
• Mike Coffman (CO-06): $1.6 million from CLF
• Brian Mast (FL-18): $3.5 million from CLF
• Carlos Curbelo (FL-26): $1.4 million from CLF
• Rod Blum (IA-01): $800,000 from AAN
• David Young (IA-03): $1.9 million from CLF
• Bruce Poliquin (ME-02): $1.1 million from CLF
• Jack Bergman (MI-01): $650,000 from AAN
• Tim Walberg (MI-07): $350,000 from AAN
Mike Bishop (MI-08): $800,000 from AAN
• Erik Paulsen (MN-03): $400,000 from AAN
• Lee Zeldin (NY-01): $1,000,000 from CLF
• John Faso (NY-19): $3.7 million from CLF
• Elise Stefanik (NY-21): $450,000 from CLF
• Tom Reed (NY-23): $325,000 from CLF
• John Katko (NY-24): $800,000 from CLF
• Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-08): $2.7 million from CLF
• Lloyd Smucker (PA-16): 800,000 from AAN + CLF
• Tom Garrett (VA-05): $950,000 from CLF
• Barbara Comstock (VA-10): $3.8 million from CLF
• Mike Gallagher (WI-08): $800,000 from CLF

Founded in 2011, Congressional Leadership Fund is the super PAC endorsed by House Republican Leadership and dedicated exclusively to preserving and expanding the Republican Majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. CLF is an independent-expenditure super PAC that operates independently of any federal candidate or officeholder.