Meet Pelosi’s Puppet


As you know, Congresswoman Betty Sutton has proved time and again with her votes that she’s become a puppet for Nancy Pelosi’s failed agenda. In this vein, the Congressional Leadership Fund today released a puppet-themed Betty Sutton widget –  currently featured at Third Base Politics.

You can find the widget at

The widget lets voters see what it’s like to be the San Francisco liberal, pulling Betty Sutton’s strings with a click of the mouse. The buttons on the left have just a few of the votes where Sutton voted with Pelosi, against Ohioans. The widget is embeddable on websites.

Below is an example of one of the exchanges:

Cap and Trade Vote:

Pelosi: Betty, vote for Cap and Trade! Ignore that it hurts Ohio coal, manufacturers, and drives up your electricity costs.

Sutton: I voted for it, Nancy!

Users can also embed the image on their own sites by using the button in the right hand corner.