Lyin’ Rob Quist

Lyin’ Rob is at it again.

During an editorial board meeting with the Billings-Gazette, Quist boldly claimed, “we paid our bills, every one,” when asked about his “trail of unpaid personal bills.” (Spoiler alert, that’s a lie).

One of the interviewers challenged Quist, saying, “Well I got a question for that. You said that you paid them, we checked as late as last week and there is still a, I believe it’s a $10,000 bill out there from Wells Fargo, so that’s not necessarily true, is it?”

Lyin’ Rob has been caught being dishonest before, yet continues to think he can get away with it in hopes of misleading voters. A few weeks ago, when questioned by Mike Dennison on “Face the State,” he did the same thing:

DENNISON: “Just to be clear, the debts that you incurred, some property tax liens and lines of credit, those have all been paid, correct?” (10:33)

QUIST: “Yes, they have.”

FACT: In March 2017, Quist Said He Is Working To Pay Off A $10,000 Debt On A Defaulted Bank Loan. “Quist said he sought to address his family’s financial tailspin by trying to sell a portion of his ranch, but a dispute with a bank blocked the sale. Quist said he recently sued the bank and will use a pending settlement to fend off a collection agency seeking about $10,000 because of a defaulted bank loan.” (Bobby Caina Calvan, “Democrat In House Race Blames Health Bills For Tax Liens,” The Associated Press, 3/21/17)

It’s clear Montanans can’t trust Rob Quist to tell the truth…..or with their hard-earned dollars.