LA TIMES: Katie Hill Is Pelosi’s #1 Fan

Congresswoman Katie Hill hasn’t exactly been one to hide her adoration of Nancy Pelosi, but her interview with the LA Times today takes her worship of the Democrats’ dear leader to a new high. On Day One, Katie voted for Pelosi for Speaker, was elected freshman class president to do Pelosi’s bidding, and now the Times made it as clear as day, calling Congresswoman Hill “Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s new favorite.”

In case there was any doubt, the fandom is mutual. Hill calls Pelosi as “a huge role model” and fawns over Pelosi calling her “the most successful woman, like ever.”


Pelosi currently presides over the most extreme Democratic caucus in recent memory, so why Hill, who represents a moderate district, has tied herself so tightly to Pelosi is anyone’s guess. We’re sure her constituents are wondering too.


Rep. Katie Hill Has Nancy Pelosi’s Favor, But Will That Do Her Any Favors?
LA Times
Sarah Wire
April 24, 2019

California Rep. Katie Hill is learning there are risks and rewards that come with being seen as Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s new favorite.

Every few years, Pelosi (D-San Francisco) takes a promising new member under her wing and provides them with opportunities not given to most rank-and-file members.

In an interview, Hill said she was flattered and humbled by the comparisons to Pelosi.

“She, even more than I ever thought, has become a huge role model to me, and so I definitely take that as a great compliment and something that means there’s a heck of a lot to live up to,” Hill said.

At the same time, Pelosi’s mentorship also means Hill has tied herself to one of the nation’s most divisive leaders, a gamble considering Hill will need to get reelected in a once heavily Republican district.

Comparisons to Pelosi — the highest-ranking female politician in the country — only increase the pressure.

“She’s the most successful woman, like ever, so I feel like if that’s the trajectory people see me on then I’ve got a lot of work to do,” Hill said.

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