Kihuen’s tone-deaf defense of Clinton

It’s simple: the majority of Americans disagree with Ruben Kihuen’s tone-deaf defense of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

SHOT: VIDEO: Nevada Democrat Says Clinton “Did Nothing Wrong”

CHASER: New AP-Gfk poll: only 6 percent of American think Clinton did nothing wrong at all

The poll found that 56 percent of Americans said they think the Democratic presidential candidate broke the law, including 39 percent who think she did so intentionally and 17 percent who think she did so unintentionally. In addition, 36 percent think Clinton used bad judgment but did not do anything illegal. And only 6 percent think Clinton did nothing wrong at all … The poll suggests perceptions that Clinton is dishonest, already a major issue for her campaign, are growing. Fifty-five percent of Americans say the word “honest” doesn’t describe Clinton well at all, up slightly from 50 percent in April and 44 percent in October 2015.


CHASER: Poll: Majority disapproves of FBI’s Clinton decision

A double-digit majority of Americans disapproves of the FBI’s decision last week to not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton in the investigation into her private email server, according to the results of the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll out Monday. More than half—56 percent—said they disagreed with FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation to the Justice Department to not charge Clinton with any crime, even as he remarked that she and her colleagues were “extremely careless” while slightly more than one-third, or 35 percent, said they approved.

Does Kihuen wish he could take it all back?