Slotkin: 100 Reasons

Scholten: Broken

Slotkin: Congressional Cribs

Scholten: The File

Slotkin: Slotkin's Been Caught

Kildee: In Your Pockets

Scholten: Burned

Slotkin: Check The Receipts

Gibbs: American Dream

Kildee: Deep Thoughts

Marlinga: Questionable

Scholten: 911

Slotkin: Favorite Trick

Marlinga: Disturbing

Scholten: Shattered

Dan Kildee: Looking

Elissa Slotkin: Throwing

Dan Kildee: Fix This Again

Elissa Slotkin: Folded

Kildee: A Congressman Who Caused Times Like These

Haley Stevens: Silent on Critical Race Theory... While Taking Thousands from Teachers' Unions

We Know Who to Blame: Haley Stevens


Hillary Scholten: Radical Ideas. Dangerously Liberal.

Hillary Scholten Doesn't Stand With Western Michigan

Hillary Scholten: Too Liberal To Keep Us Safe

Jon Hoadley. Bad Judgment. Unfit For Congress.

Sending Jon Hoadley to Congress?? That's Bad Judgement.

Haley Stevens is Just Embarrassing

Haley Stevens: Way Out There

Haley Stevens Broke Her Bond With Voters On The Very First Day


Elissa Slotkin. Wrong On Impeachment.


Lying Matt Longjohn: Wrong For Michigan

Elissa Slotkin Is With Pelosi, Not You


Defeat Gary McDowell