Levin: Shame

Porter: Hurts Us

Gray: Better Off Spanish

Levin: Easy To Measure

Gray: Better Off

Salas: Charmed Life

Gray: Newsom's Gas Tax

Porter: Doesn't Care 2

Levin: Problem

Salas: Stop

Salas: Paying

Smith: One Goal

Chen: Spend

Porter: Whiteboard

Gray: Simply Put

Levin: Caterer

Gray: No Show

Salas: Austin

Salas: Gas Station

Gray: Sacramento Way

Levin: Relax

Chen: Not for you

Smith: She's Back

Gray: Connections

Katie Porter: Clueless


TJ Cox Always Benefits At Our Expense

Heartless. Hypocrite. Harley Rouda.

Career Politician Christy Smith: Wrong for Congress

TJ Cox Puts Profits Before People

Christy Smith Bailed Them Out, Then Bailed on Us.

TJ Cox Doesn't Work For US

Heartless. That's Harley Rouda.

Christy Smith: Putting Herself First. No Matter Who it Hurts.


Gil Cisneros Would Cost Too Much

Katie Porter: Bigger Goverment. Weaker Economy.

Liberal Katie Hill: Higher Taxes. Higher Gas Prices.

Keep Valley Farmer Jeff Denham Working For Us

Mantengamos Al Agricultor Jeff Denham, Trabajando Por Nosotros

Josh Harder's Healthcare Scheme

Shady Harley Rouda Can't Be Trusted