Jon Ossoff and Al-Jazeera: Direct Ties

Jon Ossoff claims to be a national security advisor with top security clearance, yet accepted money from Al-Jazeera, a media outlet bankrolled by the Emir of Qatar since its inception and described as a “mouthpiece for terrorists.”

This was revealed in his personal financial disclosure, which he delayed twice and filed on the last possible day. Ossoff used the maximum amount of time allowed to file this critical information and it’s no wonder why – the disclosure exposes Ossoff’s direct ties to Al-Jazeera, and the thousands of dollars he has received from the organization.

Washington Free Beacon and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution have the details, read more below…

Al Jazeera Paid Georgia Democrat Over $5,000 in Past 15 Months
Washington Free Beacon
By Brent Scher

Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff has received over $5,000 in compensation from Qatari-owned Al Jazeera since January 2016, according to his recently filed financial disclosure report.

Including Al Jazeera, 10 out of the 12 video production companies that Ossoff received over $5,000 from are located outside the United States.

The disclosure form values Ossoff’s total assets between $1.7 million to $4 million. Ossoff’s share in Insight TWI is valued between $250,000 and $500,000, but he reports an income of just $34,975 from the company, according to the disclosure.

Al Jazeera is widely viewed as a propaganda outlet for the Emir of Qatar, who bankrolls the outlet and also provides funding to terrorist organizations such as Hamas, al Qaeda, and ISIS.
The network was criticized as a “mouthpiece for terrorists” after it ended up with “exclusive” Osama bin Laden videos after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States.

A peek into the fortunes of Georgia’s special election contenders
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
By Greg Bluestein

He [Ossoff] disclosed more than $5,000 in payments from about a dozen media companies for his documentary work, including the Al-Jazeera network. He’s come under fire from Republicans for working with the Qatari-based company that critics call an anti-Western propaganda outlet…