Is Aimee Belgard Ready for Prime Time?

Is Aimee Belgard ready for prime time? With just 90 days until Election Day, Aimee Belgard sure has a lot of explaining to do about where she stands on basic issues of policy and public trust.

Between her thin policy chops and ducking debates, New Jersey voters are left with deciding whether she’s in over her head or intentionally hiding her liberal views with political stunts and generic platitudes.

If Aimee Belgard ever does agree to candidate debates, here’s 5 more questions she should answer if she wants to represent New Jerseyans in Congress:

1.    Aimee Belgard says she supports reducing the deficit and balancing the budget. How would she propose doing so?

2.    After previously promising to not accept a taxpayer-funded salary, Freeholder Aimee Belgard is now pocketing the pay. Will she explain to voters why she’s now taking a salary?

3.    Aimee Belgard supported the first House-passed Obamacare bill that included a public option for government-run insurance (Courier Post, 2009). Does she still support adding a public option to Obamacare?

4.    The IRS is preparing to implement Obamacare’s employer mandate.  As an Obamacare supporter, does Aimee Belgard believe the employer mandate should be implemented or delayed?

5.    While taxes went up during her Edgewater Park Township Committee tenure, Aimee Belgard tried to pass herself off to voters as the “zero” tax hike candidate. Will Aimee Belgard tell voters what her real tax agenda is?

The Bottom Line:
The longer Aimee Belgard tries to hide behind mind-numbing generalities the more questions she raises about her competency and honesty for public office. Aimee Belgard must know that New Jerseyans won’t like her Nancy Pelosi-approved agenda, so she’s instead running on hypocritical pledges and pie-in-the-sky promises.