ICYMI: Rothenberg Shifts IL-10 Away from Schneider

In case you missed it, Friday afternoon brought more bad news for Congressman Brad Schneider’s lackluster campaign. The respected, non-partisan Rothenberg Political Report downgraded Brad Schneider’s re-election chances, changing the race outlook to Pure Toss Up.

The reasons? Bob Dold is running his own strong campaign while Brad Schneider will sink or swim based on the Democratic ticket. Here’s the Rothenberg Political Report analysis:

Brad Schneider squeaked out a win over Republican incumbent Bob Dold by just over a percentage point (fewer than 3,500 votes) in 2012. Now, Dold has a re-match, figuring that in an off-year, and without President Obama on the ballot, he has a better chance to win. Dold ran a strong race before and he appears to have a small advantage right now. Democrats have reason to worry about that Democratic Governor Pat Quinn will meltdown outside of Chicago and affect the party’s chances in House races. This contest should be very close once again and we’re moving it from Toss-Up/Tilt Democrat to Pure Toss-Up.

Backbencher Brad Schneider’s failure to lead in Congress and earn the approval of his constituents may be his undoing in November.  When only 28 percent of voters approve of Brad Schneider’s job performance, his political future is at the mercy of the tainted Democratic ticket led by scandal-plagued Pat Quinn.

The Bottom Line:

Brad Schneider’s re-election chances are in greater doubt thanks to his failure to be transparent and accountable with Chicagoland voters. When an elected official like Brad Schneider continues hiding his tax returns, Chicagoland voters have reason to wonder if he won’t be just another scandal-plagued Democrat like his ballot buddy Pat Quinn.