ICYMI: Republicans Deploy Grassroots Army to Defy History, Hold House Majority in November

WASHINGTON – In case you missed it, Breitbart News recently reported on Congressional Leadership Fund’s “grassroots army” that has been working since February 2017 to defend the House Republican majority in this fall’s midterm elections. Excerpts below.

Republicans Deploy Grassroots Army to Defy History, Hold House Majority in November
Breitbart News
Sean Moran

The Congressional Leadership Fund, the super PAC endorsed by the House Republican leadership, announced on Saturday that they held their fourth “Super Saturday” to reach a record number of Republican voters across the nation. CLF is using its 40 field offices to engage with over 500,000 targeted voters in key congressional districts needed to hold the Republican majority.

Compared to other super PACs, CLF has decided to build its grassroots army, rather than use most of its money solely on television and digital ads…

The CLF is empowering its 5,500 grassroots volunteers to engage in door-to-door canvassing and phone banking and to build a Republican grassroots army across the nation.

Corry Bliss, the CLF executive director, said in a statement on Saturday, “In February of 2017, CLF launched a hyper-targeted and data-driven field program that has grown to 40 field offices nationwide and resulted in over 24 million voter contacts to date.”

Since February 2017, CLF opened 40 field offices and made over 24 million voter contacts to date. Each CLF office has a full-time staffer and hundreds of interns and volunteers who engage on a daily basis through hyper-targeted phone banking and door-to-door grassroots activism.

To combat these the historical trends, CLF has invested significantly in its grassroots and digital operations.

CLF invested over 30 percent of its budget, or nearly $20 million, to reach likely voters across the Internet. In comparison, CLF spent $2.7 million on digital in 2016. They even opened their first grassroots office in February 2017.

The super PAC also invested an extra $3 million in voter contact efforts across 15 districts…

The CLF even targets and emphasizes local issues facing each congressional district. For example, in Rep. David Valadao’s (R-CA) race, they focus on water resources for the Central Valley and fighting the California gas tax, while in Rep. Tom MacArthur’s (R-NJ) district they focus more on the opioid crisis.