ICYMI: Quist’s checkered financial past

The Daily Inter Lake is the latest to report on Rob Quist’s fiscal recklessness. It’s becoming clearer by the day that Quist can’t hide from his “checkered financial past.” As the truth comes out, the facts paint a disturbing picture, and Quist seems unable to keep his story straight …

Summary of Quist’s checkered financial past:


–          A Kalispell excavator filed a lien against Quist for almost $5,000 for failure to pay for construction work done on Quist’s property.

–          Kraig Trippel, a Kalispell excavator who did $5,960 worth of work for Rob and Bonni Quist in the spring of 2001, had to file a lien for payment after most of the bill went unpaid.

–          Trippel expected to be paid promptly. He said the Quists seemed to want special treatment. “Both of them, they definitely had a sense of          arrogance about them, because he was doing concerts and he was a singer         and yada, yada, yada,” Trippel said. “And I don’t care. He’s just another dude to me.”


–          In 2007, the Quists didn’t pay their property taxes.

–          The state of Montana filed a $8,189 lien against the Quists for failure to pay taxes from 2007.


–          In 2010, the Quists stopped making payments on a 1998 line of credit from Wells Fargo.

–          Wells Fargo sold the debt to Security Credit Services LLC, which sued the Quists for payment in 2014. The case is ongoing.


–          The Quists’ 2011 property taxes weren’t paid in full. Montana filed a tax lien for $2,911.13 against the Quists for late tax payments from 2011.

–          Quists were ordered to pay $1,380.17 to a debt collector. The Quists were summoned to court, but didn’t respond, according to the lawsuit’s case history.

–          Quist tells the bank he is too sick to work to make payments in 2011.

–          Quist plays 35 shows in 2011.


–          In 2012, the Quists had problems paying their property taxes again.

–          The Montana Department of Revenue filed a lien for 2012 taxes and fees totaling $4,624.19.


–          In 2013, the Quists were sued by Mission Mountain Wood Band bassist Steve Riddle – Quist’s former business partner and band member – for breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation, deceit, and fraud.


–          -Quist was sued for defaulting on a loan dating back to 1998, ultimately forcing him to pay $10,301.69, which is ongoing.

A new day, a new response from Quist in attempts to excuse his “checkered financial past.” The truth is Quist seems to think it’s okay to rip off his bandmates; admit he worked in 2011, contradicting his initial statements to The Billings Gazette; and has repeatedly failed to pay his bills until legal action was taken.

Excerpts from The Daily Inter Lake’s reporting below:

The Daily Inter Lake: Quist responds to legal, financial disclosures
By Sam Wilson
March 30, 2017

Following recent disclosures of his checkered financial past, Creston musician and Democratic congressional candidate Rob Quist says his “on the ground” struggles with mounting health-care bills over the last two decades have equipped him with the perspective needed to represent everyday Montanans.


“We were trying to survive any way we could. We made good on those [payments] quickly and came into a really good arrangement,” he said Thursday. “Obviously, we did press some of those and sell them, but I never had an intent of withholding. There were some royalties that were owed to me by other members, so it was kind of a convoluted thing.”


The December 2014 suit states that Quist was unable to work in 2011 due to his declining health, apparently contradicting his touring schedule that year. According to archived versions of his website, the musician was scheduled to play more than two dozen shows from April through September.

On Thursday, Quist acknowledged that he had worked that year, but in a limited capacity compared with what he said was a typical workload of around 200 shows per year.