ICYMI: Congressional Leadership Fund Raises $51 Million In Q2 Of 2018, Shatters All Previous Fundraising Record

Congressional Leadership Fund Raises “$51 Million In The Second Quarter Of 2018.” “That’s more than CLF raised all of last cycle. The super PAC has $71 million on hand, and it’s raised $93 million this cycle… Some Republicans and Democrats say the CLF hauls have been landscape-shifting for Republicans’ efforts to keep the majority.” (Anna Palmer, Jake Sherman, Daniel Lippman, “POLITICO Playbook,” POLITICO, 7/12/18).

CLF “Raises Record-Breaking $51 Million For Midterms.” “The haul is more than the group brought in all of 2016. This same quarter in 2016 the PAC’s donors gave just $4.6 million.” (Eliza Collins, “Super PAC linked to Paul Ryan raises record-breaking $51 million for midterms,” USA Today, 7/12/18).

GOP Super PAC Raises “$51 Million.” “Congressional Leadership Fund Executive Director Cory Bliss credited Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy for their fundraising prowess, and noted that donors were motivated to prevent a Democratic takeover.” (Alana Abramson, “This Republican Super PAC Raised $51 Million to Try and Save the Party’s House Majority,” TIME, 7/12/18).

“Super-PAC Backing GOP Control Of U.S. House Raises Record Total.” “CLF has reserved more than $60 million in advertising for the final weeks of the campaign, has opened field offices across the country, and has knocked on more than 15 million doors so far, Bliss said.” (John McCormick, “Super-PAC Backing GOP Control of U.S. House Raises Record Total,” Bloomberg, 7/12/18).

“GOP Super PAC Sets Fundraising Record.” “In contrast, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC has raised $25 million through May and has about $17 million on hand, according to the Federal Election Commission.” (Adele Malpass, “GOP Super PAC Sets Fundraising Record,” Real Clear Politics, 7/12/18).

“Congressional Leadership Fund Raised $51 Million Last Quarter.” “Congressional Leadership Fund — the top GOP Super PAC for House races — announced this morning that it raised $51 million last year (more than it raised the entire 2016 cycle), and it has $71 cash on hand.” (Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Carrie Dann, “Trump’s wrecking ball tears through NATO,” NBC News, 7/12/18).

GOP Super PAC “Posts $51M Haul As November Elections Approach.” “CLF has been one of the top groups on the 2018 scene, having played heavily in special elections over the past year and a half.” (Al Weaver, “Paul Ryan-backed PAC posts $51M haul as November elections approach,” The Washington Examiner, 7/12/18).

CLF “Raked In More Than $50 Million Over The Past Three Months.” “The super PAC brought in $51 million in fundraising and now has $71 million in cash on hand last quarter.” (Gabriella Muñoz, “Conservative super PAC raked in more than $50 million over the past three months,” The Washington Times, 7/12/18).

CLF’s Second Quarter Alone Surpasses Entire 2016 Election Cycle Fundraising. “The Congressional Leadership Fund raised $51 million in Q2, which is more than the super PAC raised in the entire 2016 cycle. It ended June with $71 million in cash on hand.” (Ally Mutnick, “National Journal Hotline’s Wake-Up Call,” National Journal, 7/12/18).

“Congressional Leadership Fund Raises Whopping $51 Million In 2nd Quarter Of 2018.” “’CLF’s early and aggressive fundraising has already proven to change the political landscape this midterm election cycle – we’ve reserved more than $60 million in fall advertising, opened field offices across the country, and knocked on over 15 million doors to date,’ Bliss said. ‘CLF is committed to playing a major role protecting the Republican majority this fall.’” (Jack Heretik, “Congressional Leadership Fund Raises Whopping $51 Million in 2nd Quarter of 2018,” The Washington Free Beacon, 7/12/18).

“Congressional Leadership Raises $51M In Second Quarter.” “Their second quarter total is more than the group raised during the entire 2016 election cycle, and the group has raised more than $93 million in the 2018 cycle so far, the report said.” (Joe Crowe, “Congressional Leadership Raises $51M In Second Quarter,” Newsmax, 7/12/18).