ICYMI: Congressional Leadership Fund raised $13M in first half of 2017

POLITICO (excerpts below) | Maggie Severns | July 11, 2017

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The House leadership-aligned Congressional Leadership Fund raised $13 million in the first half of this year — a record for the group — and finished June with $3.5 million cash on hand, CLF said today in an announcement first shared with POLITICO.

CLF, which has said it plans to spend $100 million this cycle, is pushing money into opening new field offices across the country with the goal of shielding endangered House Republicans during the midterms. 

The GOP super PAC also spent significantly during this spring’s special elections: CLF spent more than $10 million so far this year, including $6.1 million opposing failed Georgia Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff and $2.2 million against Montana Democrat Rob Quist, who was also defeated. Much of its messaging focused on tying the two Democrats to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

“By investing early, donors across the country are rejecting Nancy Pelosi and sending a clear message of support for Speaker Paul Ryan and his positive agenda,” CLF Executive Director Corry Bliss said in a statement.