ICYMI: CLF Wastes No Time Attacking Democrats’ Hypocrisy

Putting Democrats On Notice

The Congressional Leadership Fund Put Democrats On Notice.” “Democratic candidates spent the last two years promising voters that they’d be different — they wouldn’t stand for the same old leadership and the same old way of doing business in Washington. Yet with the very first chance they got, they broke their word and their bond with the voters who elected them. CLF will make sure voters know that their member of Congress already broke their word, all to support an out-of-touch San Francisco liberal who is desperate to hold on to power.” (“116th Congress Updates: House Approves Plan To Reopen Government, But It’s Not Likely To Pass Senate,” The New York Times, 1/3/19).

“GOP Super PAC Wastes Little Time In Criticizing Pelosi.” “A super PAC aligned with Republican leaders of the House criticized Pelosi on Thursday as ‘an out-of-touch San Francisco liberal’ shortly after she prevailed in the vote for speaker.”( Felicia Sonmez, John Wagner, “The New Congress: Pelosi Retakes House Gavel As Shutdown Continues,” The Washington Post, 1/3/19).

CLF & AR Trackers Bombard Capitol Hill

CLF Deploys Trackers “To Corner Newly Sworn-In House Democrats Who Had Promised To Oppose” Pelosi. “Congressional Leadership Fund, the House Republicans’ super PAC; and America Rising PAC, a GOP opposition research group, is placing five campaign trackers outside of the Capitol, and each of the three House office buildings. Both before and after the scheduled afternoon floor vote for speaker, the trackers plan to ask incoming House Democrats about their support for Pelosi, especially those who vowed opposition during the midterm election campaign.” (David Drucker, “GOP Groups Deploy Capitol Hill Trackers To Confront Democrats About Nancy Pelosi Speaker Vote,” The Washington Examiner, 1/3/19).

Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Struggles To Explain Pelosi Vote. (America Rising Tracking Footage, 1/4/19).

CLF Launches Early Campaign Attacking Democrats’ Hypocrisy

CLF “Launched A Six-Figure Online Ad Campaign.” “THE CONGRESSIONAL LEADERSHIP FUND launched a six-figure online ad campaign, hitting Reps. Gil Cisneros (Calif.), Sharice Davids (Kan.), Haley Stevens (Mich.), Dean Phillips (Minn.) and Andy Kim (N.J.) for voting for Pelosi after indicating they wanted new leadership on the campaign trail.” (Anna Palmer, Jake Sherman, Daniel Lippmann, “POLITICO Playbook,” POLITICO, 1/4/19).

CLF “Quickly Moved To Target Those Who Reneged On Their Commitments To Oppose Pelosi.” Republican groups are working to make sure voters remember the campaign pledges not to support Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) by Democrats who wound up voting for her in Thursday’s leadership vote… CLF took it a step further with targeted digital ads in seven districts, making the case that newly elected Democrats have already ‘caved to party bosses.’”(Brent Scher, “GOP Groups Tell Voters Their New Congressmen Caved On Pelosi Vote,” The Washington Free Beacon, 1/4/19).

Lizzie Fletcher “Hit With Another GOP Ad Campaign Today.” “The Congressional Leadership Fund, the main super PAC aiding House Republicans, unveiled a 30-second digital spot reminding viewers of an ad that Fletcher ran during her campaign in which she promised she ‘won’t take orders from’ Pelosi. ‘But with her very first vote in Congress, Lizzie Fletcher caved to the party bosses,’ a narrator then says. Fletcher is one of six new members that CLF is aiming at with the ad campaign, which the group described as a six-figure effort over the next month.” (Patrick Svitek, “The Blast,” The Texas Tribune, 1/4/19).

“This N.J. Dem Has Been In Office For About A Day, And Republicans Are Already Going After Him.” “Freshman Rep. Andy Kim is already facing political blowback for his decision to support Nancy Pelosi for House speaker after calling for new leadership during his campaign. The Congressional Leadership Fund, a super political action committee aligned with House Republican leadership, said it would begin running digital ads against Kim, D-3rd Dist., and five other House freshmen who backed Pelosi.” (Jonathan D. Salant, “This N.J. Dem Has Been In Office For About A Day, And Republicans Are Already Going After Him. It’s About Nancy Pelosi,” NJ.com, 1/4/19).

“GOP Super PAC Ad Attacks Kim Over Pelosi Vote.” “A Super PAC with ties to Republican leadership in the House launched an ad Friday, attacking Rep. Andy Kim over his Thursday vote to elect House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to that role… During the campaign, Kim said he would not vote to put Pelosi into a leadership role.” (Nikita Buryukov, “GOP Super PAC Ad Attacks Kim Over Pelosi Vote,” New Jersey Globe, 1/4/19).

CLF “Attacking Andy Kim For Nancy Pelosi Vote.” “Democratic Congressman Andy Kim has been in office exactly one day and already he’s under attack from a Republican super PAC due to his floor vote to help elect Nancy Pelosi as House speaker. The Congressional Leadership Fund, a group linked to Republican leadership of the House, announced it was launching digital ads in Kim’s district and five others represented by freshman Democrats who voted in support of Pelosi for speaker after speaking against her return to the top leadership post during last year’s campaign. Pelosi was elected with 220 votes, two more than the minimum required.” (David Levinsky, “Republican Super PAC Attacking Andy Kim For Nancy Pelosi Vote,” Burlington County Times, 1/4/19).

“Kim’s Vote In Support Of Pelosi Was A Controversial One.” “…He spoke of wanting new leadership during the campaign and opposed Pelosi’s nomination in a post-election caucus. It drew immediate attacks from Republicans in the district, and the Congressional Leadership Fund, a GOP super PAC linked to Republican leaders in the House, launched digital ads accusing Kim of breaking a pledge to voters. (David Levinsky, “New Congressman Andy Kim Spends Sunday Meeting With Constituents,” Burlington County Times, 1/7/19).