ICYMI: CLF Announces $48 Million In General Election Advertising Spending

Congressional Leadership Fund “Books $48 Million In Ads For House Races.” “The Congressional Leadership Fund, the leading Republican super PAC focused on the House, is booking $48 million in ad reservations ahead of the November midterm elections — giving its first indications of where it intends to focus its considerable resources this year.” (Mike DeBonis, “Top GOP super PAC books $48 million in ads for House races,” The Washington Post, 4/17/18).

CLF “Makes $48 Million Push To Save House Majority.” “The initial investment is directing $38 million in broadcast and cable television to 20 districts threatened with a Democratic takeover, with another $10 million in digital spots flowing to 30 targeted seats.” (David Drucker, “Paul Ryan’s super PAC makes $48 million push to save House majority,” The Washington Examiner, 4/17/18).

Group Plans $48 Million Ad Campaign To Preserve GOP Congress.” “The Congressional Leadership Fund, a super political action committee endorsed by House Speaker Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders, said the planned spending is the ‘first of several rounds of advertising reservations for fall 2018.’” (John McCormick, “Group Plans $48 Million Ad Campaign to Preserve GOP Congress,” Bloomberg, 4/17/18).

CLF Announces $48 Million In General Election Advertising Spending.“The Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, announced it will be spending $48 million on initial ad reservations in 50 competitive congressional districts for the fall 0f 2018 — the first outside conservative group to do so ahead of the midterms.” (Alayna Treene, “The districts that worry House GOP leadership the most,” AXIOS, 4/17/18).

House Republican Group Reports Advertising Spending In 30 Congressional Districts. “CLF this morning announced it will spend $48 million on advertising in the general election in at least 30 congressional districts. “ (Jerry Seib, Joshua Jamerson, “Capital Journal,” The Wall Street Journal, 4/17/18).

Congressional Leadership Fund “Has Booked $48 Million In Airtime Ahead Of The Midterms.” “Mike DeBonis reports: In five of them … the reservations are extensive enough to keep [the Congressional Leadership Fund] on air from Labor Day, the unofficial start of campaign season, all the way through Election Day on Nov. 6. The remaining $10 million will be spent on digital advertising in 30 districts.’” (James Hohhman, “Daily 202,” The Washington Post, 4/17/18).

House Republican Group “Reserves $48 Million In Fall TV Ads.” “The ads will run in some of the cycle’s top House races as Democrats look to flip 24 seats to take back the lower chamber.” (Lisa Hagen, “GOP House super PAC reserves $48 million in fall TV ads,” The Hill, 4/17/18).

“Congressional Leadership Fund Announced $38 Million In TV Reservations, And $10 Million In Digital Buys For The 2018 Election.” “Top 10 TV reservations: Minnesota’s open eighth district ($2.6 million), Texas Rep. John Culberson ($2.45 million), California Rep. Jeff Denham ($2.35 million), Minnesota Rep. Erik Paulsen ($2.3 million), Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman ($2.3 million), California Rep. Mimi Walters ($2.3 million), Michigan Rep. Mike Bishop ($2.2 million), California Rep. Steve Knight ($2.1 million), Texas Rep. Will Hurd ($2.1 million), and Washington’s open eighth district ($2.1 million).” (Anna Palmer, Jake Sherman, Daniel Lippman, “POLITICO Playbook”, POLITICO, 4/17/18).

“Congressional Leadership Fund Reserves $48 Million In TV, Digital Ads.” “CLF is the first outside GOP group to make early advertising reservations ahead of the November elections, and it is investing four months earlier than it did in the 2016 cycle.” (Bridget Bowman, “Congressional Leadership Fund Reserves $48 Million in TV, Digital Ads,” Roll Call, 4/17/18).

CLF Announces Advertising Spending In Pennsylvania. “The Congressional Leadership Fund announced a $1.4 million TV ad reservation in district as part of a $38 million national reservation to support Republican candidates.” (Paul Engelkemier, Sy Snyder, “PoliticsPA Playbook,” PoliticsPA, 4/17/18).

“GOP Group Reserves $48M In Ads For 30 Districts, Including Two In NY.”“The Congressional Leadership Fund also plans to fund digital ads targeting residents of the 22nd district. Another New York district, the 24th, is part of the group’s digital advertising plan.” (Robert Harding, “GOP group reserves $48M in ads for 30 districts, including two in NY,” The Citizen, 4/17/18).

“CLF Reserves $48 Million In Fall Ads.” “The Congressional Leadership Fund announced its first round of fall TV and digital ad reservations on Tuesday. The group plans to spend $38 million on broadcast and cable stations in 20 House districts, along with $10 million on digital ads in 30 House districts.” (Elena Schneider, Daniel Strauss and Zach Montellaro, “POLITICO Morning Score,” POLITICO, 4/17/18).

CLF “Announces Major Ad Buy For House Races.” “The Congressional Leadership Fund, a group closely aligned with House leadership, will spend $38 million in television airtime and $10 million in digital ads spread out over 30 districts. The ads, reserved for this fall, give key insights into which districts Republicans are most concerned with defending. (Andrew Rafferty, “GOP super PAC announces major ad buy for House races,” NBC News, 4/17/18).

In Florida, Congressional Leadership Fund Books “TV, Digital Ads.” “CLF will spend $1.67 million buying time on Miami-Dade airwaves in support of Curbelo, who holds Florida’s 26th Congressional District. The group also has CD 26 down for its digital ad buy.” (Drew Wilson, “Vulnerable congressmen get boost from TV, digital ads,” Florida Politics, 4/17/18).

“GOP Group Makes $48M Bet To Protect House Majority With Early Ad Reservations.” “’CLF’s historic and aggressive fundraising pace has allowed us to place larger advertising buys earlier than ever,’ CLF Executive Director Corry Bliss said in a statement. ‘Today’s announcement demonstrates CLF’s continued commitment to doing things differently. By reserving advertising early, investing unprecedented resources in digital, and running the country’s only House-focused national field program, CLF is prepared to lead the way in defending the House Republican majority.’” (Cameron Joseph, “GOP Group Makes $48M Bet To Protect House Majority With Early Ad Reservations,” Talking Points Memo, 4/17/18).

“Republican Group Plans To Spend Millions On TV Ads In Some California House Districts.” “The D.C.-based Congressional Leadership Fund, which has the blessing of House Republican leaders, says it has reserved TV ad time to support: Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Turlock): $2.35 million, Rep. Steve Knight (R-Palmdale): $2.1 million, and Rep. Mimi Walters (R-Irvine): $2.3 million… The group also plans to spend an additional $10 million in digital ads across the country, some of which will support the three, plus Rep. David Valadao (R-Hanford).” (Christine Mai-Ducc, “Republican group plans to spend millions on TV ads in some California House districts,” Los Angeles Times, 4/17/18).

“CLF Makes $48M Ad Reservation In 30 House Battlegrounds.” “The Congressional Leadership Fund “is booking $48 million in ad reservations ahead of the November midterm elections. … Most of that — $38 million — is reserved for television airtime in 20 battleground House districts.” (Ally Mutnick, “National Journal Hotline’s Wake-Up Call,” National Journal, 4/17/18).

“Ad-Buying Plans Show Minnesota’s Importance In Fall Congressional Races.” [CLF] “has booked reservations for $38 million of spending on TV ads in furtherance of that goal, spread across 20 races, including the Minnesota 3rd Congressional District…” (Eric Black, “Ad-buying plans show Minnesota’s importance in fall congressional races,” MinnPost, 4/17/18).

CLF Announces $48 Million For The Fall – Includes Four California Congressional Districts. “Four California congressional seats are on the group’s early support list.” (John Wildermuth, “GOP super PAC showering millions on endangered California Republican,” San Francisco Chronicle, 4/17/18).

CLF Reserves TV, Digital Advertising Spending In New Jersey. “The speaker’s aligned super political action committee, the Congressional Leadership Fund has reserved $1.4 million in television advertising time this fall to support MacArthur, R-3rd Dist… In addition, the PAC said it would spend $10 million on digital ads in 30 GOP-controlled districts, including those held by MacArthur and Rep. Leonard Lance, R-7th Dist., who is rated by Cook as being in a tossup race.” (Jonathan Salant, “Paul Ryan tries to rescue this embattled Jersey Republican,” NJ.com, 4/17/18).

Congressional Leadership Fund Books Airtime For Nebraska’s 2nd District. “That includes $1.6 million for Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District…” (Mike DeBonis, “Nebraska’s 2nd District already seeing an influx of ad cash for the general election,” The Washington Post, 4/18/18).

House Republican Group “Makes Big Commitment To Poliquin.” “The super PAC tied to Republican congressional leaders said in a Tuesday news release that it has reserved $38 million in time in 20 U.S. House of Representatives districts nationwide, including $1.2 million to boost U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin.” (Michael Shepherd, “Republican super PAC makes big commitment to Poliquin,” Bangor Daily News, 4/18/18).