ICYMI: Billings Gazette on Quist: “unable to tell the truth”

In case you missed it, The Billings Gazette editorial board slammed Rob Quist over the weekend as they explained their decision to endorse Greg Gianforte in Montana’s special congressional election. The editorial board points out Quist’s complete inability “to tell the truth about his own finances,” adding that Quist “may even be ducking property taxes that most of us would have to pay.” Worse, they “don’t have a clue where Quist stands on most issues.” Not surprising, considering Quist has flip-flopped on key issues time and again.

Quist’s dishonesty isn’t fooling anyone, and Montanans will soon reject his shady ways at the ballot box.

Excerpts from the editorial below:

Gazette opinion: In the race for Congress, it’s Gianforte
The Billings Gazette
Editorial Board
May 14, 2017

We don’t have a clue where Quist stands on most issues, and his criticism of Gianforte seems to be either confused or completely without merit — for example, claiming that Gianforte had “Russian ties” when really the Republican merely has stock in a mutual fund. What’s even worse is that Quist seems unable to tell the truth about his own finances and may even be ducking property taxes that most of us would have to pay.

The Montana Democratic Party owns much of Quist’s failure. It seems unable to use Google to find basic information, and sadly has a remarkable recent track record of fielding subpar candidates — remember the John Walsh debacle? With the headwinds of resistance nationwide clearly blowing against the Republicans, the Democrats — as the old saw goes — seem to have assured they’ve stolen defeat from the jaws of victory.