How about that Family Feud

As you may have heard, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is coming to town tomorrow to fundraise for candidate Kevin Strouse – her handpicked favorite in the Democratic primary in PA-08. While some Democrats are dutifully lining up behind Strouse the loyal Pelosi lieutenant, other Democrats can’t be too happy about her visit.
After all, Strouse’s primary opponent, Shaughnessy Naughton, is backed by liberal groups Emily’s ListWomen’s Campaign Fund, and Women Under Forty PACas well as numerous Bucks County politicians and other Democrats.
It’s not only local Democrat v. local Democrat in PA-08’s Democrat family feud, but Nancy Pelosi v. liberal women’s political groups. Instead of letting the Democrat family feud settle itself, Nancy Pelosi is doubling down and making this primary even more ugly and divisive. Her sending money again and again to Kevin Strouse didn’t settle it, nor did her fundraising emailNow it’s time for an in-person visit.
The Bottom Line:
No matter what bloodied “winner” emerges from this ugly and divisive primary, they are going to have one heck of a time consolidating Democratic support against a Congressman as moderate and well-liked locally as Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick. Pelosi’s pawn Kevin Strouse or liberals’ candidate Shaughnessy Naughton are having enough trouble even convincing Democrats they’re the right nominee – just imagine how much they’re going to struggle explaining to Bucks County voters why they support this disastrous health care law.