Have you watched this?


In case you missed it, the Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC is airing an ad this week titled “Sutton Works For Pelosi.”

The $1.1 million broadcast television and advertising campaign in the Cleveland media market takes aim at Rep. Betty Sutton (OH-16) who has been a puppet for Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda that time and again has hurt Ohio’s economy.

Watch the ad here. Read the script below.


Betty Sutton voted for radical Cap and Trade that would drive up electricity costs for families and businesses.

She helped Pelosi pass Obamacare that cut $700 billion from Medicare.

Betty Sutton voted for billions in wasteful stimulus spending that failed to create the jobs it promised.

All told, Sutton voted with Nancy Pelosi 99% of the time and counting.

Betty Sutton: in Washington, she works for Pelosi. Not Ohio.