Gwen Graham’s Word

My word is my bond.”Gwen Graham

Except when it isn’t? Gwen Graham has just arrived to prepare for her seat in Congress, but it appears she’s already gone Washington. This morning, House Democrats unanimously reelected Nancy Pelosi as their leader with “no nays audible in the room,” including from Gwen Graham:

“House Democrats unanimously reelected Nancy Pelosi as minority leader Tuesday morning. Despite their diminished ranks and some grumblings about her handling of the caucus’s midterm election strategy, Democrats reelected her for two more years by unanimous voice vote, according to a senior aide in the room. There were ‘no nays audible in the room,’ the aide said.” (Ed O’Keefe, “House Democrats Reelect Nancy Pelosi Their Leader,” The Washington Post, 11/18/14)

But just weeks ago on the campaign trail, Gwen Graham repeatedly promised North Florida voters that she wouldn’t support Pelosi for leader:

“If elected, Graham said, she won’t support U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi as her party’s leader in the next Congress. ‘We need new leadership on both sides of the aisle,’ she said.” (Steve Bousquet, “In A Final Face-Off, Southerland And Graham Disagree Amicably,” Tampa Bay Times, 10/15/14)

“Gwen Graham, one of the top Democratic House candidates of this cycle, said she would oppose Nancy Pelosi’s candidacy for the party’s top leadership slot. ‘No, I would not,’ Graham said without skipping a beat, when asked if she would vote for Pelosi (D-Calif.). (Jake Sherman, “Gwen Graham: ‘I Am Not Nancy Pelosi,’” Politico, 10/15/14)

North Florida voters are already seeing the real Gwen Graham: Good at giving her word, not so good at keeping it.