Government Funding Bingo with Carol Shea-Porter

Carol Shea-Porter

With round after round of gridlock politics in Washington, look no further than Carol Shea-Porter to see how the game is played.

She’s voted against nearly a dozen bills that ensure basic funding for priority government programs during the government shutdown, including just minutes ago voting against border security!

No to funding veterans’ benefits. No to nutrition programs for women and children. No to funding the Food and Drug Administration during a salmonella outbreak. And the list goes on.

But Yes to the marching orders of Nancy Pelosi – whatever the cost to New Hampshire residents.

With dozens of Democrats joining Republicans to fund these vital government programs, it’s clear only a reflexive partisan like Carol Shea-Porter would vote to prevent basic services for Americans.

While Carol Shea-Porter plays partisan games, gridlock wins and New Hampshire residents lose.