FW: Erin Bilbray (@erinbilbray) favorited one of your Tweets!

Career political operative Erin Bilbray has a new “favorite” campaign message. She’s apparently doubling-down on her views praising Edward Snowden and dishonoring combat veteran and Congressman Joe Heck – favoriting a tweet detailing these views as hers.









Nevadans now have further reason to question her priorities and judgment when she believes a traitor like Edward Snowden who aided Russia and China is a “hero.”

Just take a look at these videos:

1.    Erin Bilbray calls Edward Snowden a “Hero”

2.    Erin Bilbray calls Joe Heck “Un-American”

The Bottom Line:
Career political operative Erin Bilbray should be ashamed of herself. She’s proving herself entirely unfit to serve in Congress when she thinks traitors are heroes and veterans are un-American.