Facts on Foust: Partisan for Pelosi


John Foust: Partisan for Pelosi

A DCCC Recruit, Foust Would Be Pelosi Puppet

 After The DCCC Asked Foust To Run, Pelosi and Foust Celebrate Their Shared Plans for Congress:

  • FOUST: “I was asked to run for Congress and, uh, I was asked by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.” (John Foust, Remarks At A Campaign Event, Vienna, VA, 7/10/14) Minute 4:03-4:18
  • Pelosi at a Foust fundraiser: “What better way to celebrate a birthday than to look to the future with John Foust in the Congress of the United States. . . so we really need John Foust in Congress.” (Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Remarks At A Foust Campaign Fundraiser, McLean, VA, 3/26/14) Minute 0:03-0:10; 3:40-3:44
  • Foust expressed that Pelosi should be “the Speaker who will lead us.” FOUST: “It’s time—it’s really time that America starts realizing it’s potential, and the way were going to do that is to get 218 Democrats in the House of Representatives and the Speaker who will lead us [nods to Pelosi].” (John Foust, Remarks At A Foust Campaign Fundraiser, McLean, VA, 3/26/14) Minute 13:47-14:10


And Continue His Record of Hyper-Partisan Obstruction

 Foust Puts Politics First and Refused to Work With Those With Different Political Views:

  • Despite agreeing with the lawsuit, Foust opposed suing the EPA because of his opposition to then-Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (See article by Fredrick Kunkle, “Fairfax County Supervisor Said He Voted Against Suing EPA Partly Because Of Cuccinelli’s Role,” The Washington Post, 7/13/12)
  • Foust voted against reappointing a “longtime member of the local water authority” because they disagreed about ObamaCare (See article by Antonio Olivo, “What’s Obamacare Doing In A Debate Over A Fairfax County Water Agency Appointee?” The Washington Post, 5/13/14)


The Bottom Line:

Nancy Pelosi is thrilled to have John Foust running to become her next puppet in Congress. Foust’s record of hyper-partisanship is just the kind of liberal devotion Pelosi values in her quest to become House Speaker again.