Election-Year Conversion

Mark it down: Carol Shea-Porter has just had an election-year conversion. In an about-face, Carol Shea-Porter has just voted for delaying Obamacare’s individual mandate – after voting against its delay last July.
She thinks she can pull a fast one on Granite Staters, right? With this vote, she’ll show them that she’s now protecting individuals from Obamacare, right?
Except Granite Staters already know that Carol Shea-Porter is responsible for the law. In fact, her record last year alone shows that she’s been one of the most dedicated defenders of Obamacare, opposing even common-sense changes:
·         Voting against delaying the employer mandate
·         Voting against delaying the individual mandate
·         Voting against repealing the medical device tax
That is, until an election is around the corner. Carol Shea-Porter must be terrified by the health care law for it to send an ardent Obamacare champion like her running for political cover.  
Given her record, this is a transparently hypocritical attempt to save her own career rather than face her record. If only Granite Staters will believe the new convert.
The Bottom Line:
Carol Shea-Porter owns Obamacare, and her transparent election-year attempt to run for cover won’t fool Granite Staters hurt by lost coverage, higher prices and fewer choices under her law. New Hampshire families need a leader in Congress who will stand for them year in and year out, not Carol Shear-Porter’s political token votes.