Denver Post Ed Board speaks out, what about Morgan Carroll?

A new investigation by the AP found that over half of Hillary Clinton’s private interest meetings and phone calls as Secretary of State were with Clinton Foundation donors. This stunning revelation flies in the face of the Clinton camp’s long-held claim that donors had no special access to Secretary Clinton. It’s gotten so bad that even Clinton supporters have said the Foundation must be shut down if Clinton wins. So what does Clinton-supporter Morgan Carroll think about the Clinton Foundation donor access? Her company line of, “We are going to pass on commenting,” is simply unacceptable to voters.

Carroll’s hometown newspaper has spoken. The Denver Post came out with damning editorial last night stating, “New revelations about big-money donors to the Clinton Foundation and their access to Hillary Clinton while she served as secretary of state raise legitimate questions about her judgment.” 

If Carroll’s hometown newspaper can speak on the issue, Carroll, too, owes voters in CO-06 a response.