Cook Political Report Shifts Race Away from Nolan

The forecast isn’t looking good for Congressman Rick Nolan. This morning the Cook Political Report downgraded Rick Nolan’s re-election chances, changing the MN-08 race from “Lean Democratic” to “Toss Up.”

Ratings Changes

District    Member    Rating Change
MN-08       Nolan (D)    Lean D to Toss Up

Just this week, DCCC Chairman Steve Israel singled out Rick Nolan as a top vulnerable Democratic incumbent. And in the Cook Political Report analysis out this morning, Democrats continue to sound the alarm bell:

Democrats are concerned Nolan is running a 1970s-era campaign, and that Mills Fleet Farm executive Stewart Mills III could take advantage of a split between environmentalists and labor.

But what’s worse than Rick Nolan’s outmoded operations is his 1970s-era “radical and liberal” agenda that is wildly out of touch with modern Minnesotans concerned about jobs and affordable health care. Now facing a strong candidate in Stewart Mills, Rick Nolan is caught in a political storm that is exposing his extreme record for higher taxes, more regulations and government-run health care.