Congressional Leadership Fund Releases New Radio Ad in GA-06 Featuring Dr. Betty Price

Ad bashes Pelosi’s agenda, urges Georgians to vote Republican 

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, announced today that Dr. Betty Price, current Georgia State Representative, and spouse of former Congressman Tom Price, will be on Atlanta radio airwaves urging Georgia’s sixth district voters to vote Republican on April 18.

In the radio spot, Dr. Betty Price urges Georgians to vote for a Republican candidate in the April 18 special congressional election, and against Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda of bigger government, higher taxes, and a weaker military. Dr. Betty Price also highlights Tom Price’s fight for fiscally conservative policies during his time in Congress.

“Georgians in the sixth district deserve a representative who advocates on behalf of their values, not on behalf of Nancy Pelosi and her out-of-touch, failed liberal policies,” said Corry Bliss, CLF Executive Director. “This is an election, not an auction, and voters will reject Nancy Pelosi’s record of higher taxes, more spending and a weaker military.”

The ad will air on conservative radio in the Atlanta media market. The spot is part of CLF’s nearly $3 million total independent expenditure campaign in GA-06, which includes CLF’s field operation comprised of 90 full-time door knockers.

Dr. Betty Price is a Georgia State Representative and the spouse of HHS Secretary Tom Price, who previously represented Georgia’s sixth district in Congress.

Listen to the ad here.


Dr. Betty Price:

I’m Dr. Betty Price.

My husband, Tom Price, was a strong, conservative representative for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.

It’s so important that we elect a conservative to fill Tom’s seat, to continue Tom’s fight for lower spending, lower taxes, and a strong defense against America’s enemies.

On April 18th, be sure to vote Republican for Congress. 

The stakes in this election are high.

Nancy Pelosi and her out-of-state, out-of-touch liberal cronies will go to any extreme to win our congressional seat in order to advance her liberal agenda of bigger government, higher taxes, and a weaker military.

It is critical to vote now for one of our great Republicans.

This is Dr. Betty Price, and I respectfully urge you to vote for a proven Republican for Congress on April 18th.

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