Congressional Leadership Fund Releases New Ad in OH-16

Second Ad In $1.8 Million Television and Digital Advertising Campaign Against Betty Sutton

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund released its second television ad of a $1.8 million campaign against Betty Sutton (OH-16) today. The ad, “Hall of Fame,” highlights Congresswoman Betty Sutton’s extensive record of irresponsible spending. “Hall of Fame” will run on broadcast in the Cleveland media market and includes a paid digital advocacy campaign. This is part of CLF’s recently announced October ad campaign and is in addition to CLF’s $1.1 million September campaign in OH-16.

“Betty Sutton’s record would put her in the tax-and-spend hall of fame. Vote after vote Betty Sutton’s proved she’s Pelosi’s puppet and Hoyer’s lapdog at a time when Ohioans need someone standing up for them in Congress,” said CLF Spokesman Dan Conston.

Watch “Hall of Fame” here or by clicking the image. Read the script below.


Betty Sutton. If there was a tax and spend Hall of Fame, she’d be in it.

Obama would give her induction speech.

And Pelosi would tell her what to do.

Just like Pelosi, Sutton voted for the Obama stimulus that spent hundreds of billions and created jobs in China.

Cap and Trade, one of the biggest taxes in American history.

And the bailout that spent billions on companies that sent jobs overseas.

Hall of Fame tax and spender Betty Sutton. On November 6th, Retire Sutton.