Congressional Leadership Fund Releases New Ad in IA-03

Second Ad In Over $450,000 Television and Digital Advertising Campaign Against Leonard Boswell

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund released its second television ad in an over $450,000 campaign against Leonard Boswell (IA-03) today. The ad, “Out of Touch,” highlights Congressman Leonard Boswell’s support of raising the gas tax and how out of touch he has become throughout his time in Washington. “Out of Touch” will run on broadcast in the Des Moines media market and includes a paid digital advocacy campaign. This is part of CLF’s recently announced October ad campaign.

“Gas prices are skyrocketing, yet Leonard Boswell’s solution for Iowa families and farmers is to raise the gas tax,” said CLF Spokeswoman Brook Hougesen. “Iowans simply can’t afford Boswell anymore.”

Watch “Out of Touch” here or by clicking the image. Read the script below.



Announcer: After twenty five years as a professional politician, how out of touch is Leonard Boswell? This out of touch.
Boswell: I think we’re going to have to raise the gas tax. I think we must do that.
Announcer: You heard right. With gas near four dollars a gallon for Iowa families and farmers, Boswell wants to raise the gas tax.
Boswell: We’re going to have to raise the gas tax. I think we must do that. We’ve got to do it.
Announcer: Leonard Boswell. He’s out of touch. And it’s time for him to go.
Announcer: Congressional Leadership Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.