Congressional Leadership Fund Releases First Ad of Nearly $700k Campaign in NJ-03

Nearly $700,000 Television and Digital Advertising Campaign Against Shelley Adler

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) released today the first ad of a nearly $700,000 television and digital ad campaign in New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district. The ad, “Cherry Hill Tax,” highlights Shelley Adler’s long history of supporting tax increases. “Cherry Hill Tax” will air on broadcast television in the Philadelphia media market, and will be accompanied by a paid digital advocacy campaign. This is part of CLF’s recently announced October ad campaign.

“Shelley Adler has a troubling history of raising taxes when New Jersey families can least afford it,” said CLF Spokeswoman Brook Hougesen. “Regardless of whether Shelley Adler can remember raising taxes or not, voters will remember in November.”

Watch “Cherry Hill Tax” here or by clicking the image. Read the script below.

Cherry Hill Tax


Announcer: Tax Increases – that’s what you’ll get with Shelley Adler.
Adler: “If I did vote for increasing taxes I’m sure it was related to the budget of the council at the time.”
Announcer: Well, you did Shelley.
As a Cherry Hill councilwoman, Adler voted to increase property taxes three times.
Adler: “There are times that councils have to raise taxes.”
Announcer: Not in this economy, Shelley.
Protect your money, keep Shelley Adler out of Congress.
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