Congressional Leadership Fund Releases English & Spanish Ads In New $800k-Plus Campaign in TX-23

New $800,000-Plus Television and Digital Advertising Campaign Against Pete Gallego

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) released today the first ad of an over $800,000 television and digital ad campaign in Texas’ 23rd congressional district. The ad, “Closer Look,” which will air in both English and Spanish, highlights Pete Gallego’s long history of supporting tax increases, wasteful spending and an extreme environmental agenda. “Closer Look” will air on broadcast television in San Antonio, and will be accompanied by a paid digital advocacy campaign. This is part of CLF’s recently announced October ad campaign and is in addition to CLF’s $330,000 September campaign in TX-23.

“There is a reason Pete Gallego is doing everything he can to hide his liberal record from voters,” said CLF Spokesman Zach Hunter. “From supporting tax increases on small businesses to voting for a new sales tax, Gallego has been out of touch with Texans for far too long.”

Watch the English version of “Closer Look” here or by clicking the image. Watch the Spanish version here. Read the script below.


What else is Pete Gallego hiding?

Let’s take a closer look.

In the state legislature, Gallego voted to increase taxes on 28,000 small businesses, risking jobs.

Gallego supported new sales taxes and voted for higher taxes and fees.

Now Pete Gallego’s radical environmental allies are pushing Obama style regulations that would cripple our energy industry and cost us jobs.

Pete Gallego.

The closer you look.

The more extreme he gets.

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¿Qué más esconde Pete Gallego?

Veamos más de cerca.

En la cámara legislativa estatal, Gallego voto para incrementar los impuestos a 28,000 empresas pequeñas, poniendo en riesgo los trabajos.

Gallego apoyó nuevos impuestos de ventas al consumidor.

Y votó por cuotas e impuestos más altos.

Ahora los aliados ambientalistas radicales de Pete Gallego impulsan regulaciones al estilo Obama, las cuales podrían paralizar a nuestra industria de energía y costándonos trabajos.

Pete Gallego: Cuanto más cerca se mire, lo más extremo se vuelve.

El Congressional Leadership Fund está responsable por el contenido de este anuncio.