Congressional Leadership Fund Launches “Underwood Unhinged”

WASHINGTON – Today, the Congressional Leadership Fund is casting a spotlight on Lauren Underwood’s quiet extremism, releasing a new memo to reporters, a new digital advertising campaign and a new microsite,, to capture the many ways Congresswoman Underwood has proven herself out of step with Illinois’ 14th District, which President Trump carried by 4 points in 2016.

“Underwood has taken shockingly extreme positions far outside where Illinois 14 voters are ideologically – a district that President Trump won by nearly 4 points,” CLF President Dan Conston says in the memo to reporters. “But her leftward lurch is a story that has yet to be told by the political media. Instead of attempting to find common ground with this traditionally Republican district, Underwood has been able to discreetly establish an outlandish record.”

In conjunction with today’s memo, the Congressional Leadership Fund also launched a new digital search campaign directing swing voters in Illinois’ 14th Congressional District to a new microsite – – which will serve as a storehouse of the many instances where Underwood has staked out positions far to the left of the voters she’s supposed to represent.

Whether it’s palling around with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, defending Ilhan Omar, attacking American border patrol or the simple fact she’s a fake nurse, Lauren Underwood just isn’t fit to serve Illinois’ 14th District, and it’s time folks started taking notice.

Read the full memo to reporters HERE.

See the full website,, HERE.