Congressional Leadership Fund launches second ‘Carol Shea-Pelosi Tax Receipt’

Congressional Leadership Fund launches second “Carol Shea-Pelosi Tax Receipt”
NH Journal

Last week the Congressional Leadership Fund’s Carol Shea-Pelosi Tax Receipt broke down for Granite Staters what former 1stDistrict Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter cost them thanks to her support of a government takeover of healthcare that NH voters largely oppose. This week the CLF’s online widget is itemizing the $1.5 trillion in tax increases included in the House Democrats’ budgets that Shea-Porter supported during her two terms in Congress.

What would the Shea-Porter-Pelosi agenda mean for New Hampshire? You can read the fine print of this week’s receipt at

The online widget allows users to view and print a detailed receipt of tax increases Shea-Porter has supported. This week’s receipt outlines hundreds of millions of dollars in new taxes Carol Shea-Porter supported in the Democrat budget resolutions.

“Another week, another trillion dollars in taxpayer dollars wasted by Carol Shea-Porter that would hurt families and hamper small businesses,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Brook Hougesen, “This week’s ‘Carol Shea-Pelosi Tax Receipt’ itemizes the costly tax increases in the Democrat budgets and lists 1.5 trillion reasons why Granite Staters can’t afford to trust her as the 1st District’s accountant.”

CLF plans to post a new receipt each week leading up to the November election, so remember to check back and find out how these tax and fee increases would impact New Hampshire taxpayers.