Congressional Leadership Fund Launches First Ad in $900k-Plus Campaign in NY-27

Over $900,000 Television and Digital Advertising Campaign Against Kathy Hochul 

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund released the first television ad of an over $900,000 campaign against Kathy Hochul (NY-27) today. The ad, “I Will,” highlights Kathy Hochul’s failed promises and hypocritical voting record. “I Will” will air on broadcast in the Buffalo and Rochester media markets and will be accompanied by a paid digital advocacy campaign.

“Kathy Hochul promised to fight for small businesses, yet her record of raising taxes and supporting policies that outsource jobs overseas shows a different reality,” said AAN spokeswoman Brook Hougesen. “While Western New Yorkers struggle under the weight of these taxes, Hochul’s profiting from outsourcing jobs to China.”

Watch the ad “I Will” here or by clicking the image. Read the script below.

I Will


Announcer: In 2011 Candidate Kathy Hochul promised to cut taxes on small businesses.

Hochul: “I will cut taxes on small businesses”

Announcer: But in Washington, Kathy changed, working with President Obama to raise taxes that hurt small businesses.

Now we learn Hochul “heavily invested” in companies that profited from outsourcing.

And that Hochul personally profited from companies outsourcing jobs overseas and doing business with China?

Kathy Hochul:Breaking promises. Profiting from Outsourcing.

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