Congressional Leadership Fund Launches Ad “Extremists” Against Jon Ossof

Ad comes in addition to CLF’s field operation of 90 full-time door knockers in GA-06

WASHINGTON  The Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, announced its latest ad, “Extremists,” against Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District special election race. The ad intensifies the spotlight on Jon Ossoff’s loyalty to Nancy Pelosi and her extreme liberal agenda of more spending, bigger government and a weaker military.

“Jon Ossoff will say or do anything to get elected, but the truth is he will be nothing more than a rubberstamp for Nancy Pelosi’s extreme liberal agenda. In fact, Pelosi and her liberal friends are funding Ossoff – a standing he surely earned by promising to support her failed agenda of more spending, bigger government and a weaker military,” said Corry Bliss, CLF Executive Director. “Georgians know better, and will reject the Pelosi-Ossoff agenda.”

The ad comes in addition to CLF’s on-the-ground field operation in GA-06. CLF’s data director and deputy field director will lead a team of 90 full-time door knockers and target over 75,000 households to turnout Republican voters. The ad will air on Atlanta broadcast and cable beginning Friday, March 31, as part of CLF’s now $2.2 million independent expenditure campaign in GA-06.


ANNCR: Liberal extremists will stop at nothing to push their radical agenda.

Now they are turning their attention to Georgia,

And demanding that you vote for Jon Ossoff for Congress.

Jon Ossoff is one of them.

Ossoff will vote with Nancy Pelosi for more spending, bigger government, and a weaker military.

Don’t let them hijack our congressional seat.

Stop Ossoff, now.

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