Congressional Leadership Fund Launches Ad Campaign in WI-07

Television and Digital Advertising Campaign Against Pat Kreitlow

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) released today the first ad of a significant television and digital ad campaign in Wisonsin’s 7th congressional district. The ad, “Imagine,” highlights Pat Kreitlow’s troubling history of taking pay raises while supporting tax hikes. “Imagine” will air on broadcast television in the Minneapolis, Duluth and Wausau media markets, and will be accompanied by a paid digital advocacy campaign. This is part of CLF’s recently announced October campaign.

“Pat Kreitlow shamelessly took a pay raise while voting to raise taxes,” said CLF Communications Director Dan Conston. “Wisconsin families need someone who will look out for them, but Pat Kreitlow only looks out for himself.”

Watch “Imagine” here or by clicking the image. Read the script below.


In Madison, Pat Kreitlow took a huge taxpayer-funded pay raise while we struggled.

Worse, Kreitlow voted for one of the largest tax increases in Wisconsin’s history. 

Now, Kreitlow supports raising taxes on middle class families.

Pay raises for him, tax hikes for us.

That’s Kreitlow’s record in Madison, imagine the damage he’d do in Washington.

Defeat Pat Kreitlow.

Out of touch, out for himself.

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