Collin Peterson: High Five for Pelosi

Collin Peterson ad shot for 1x1That didn’t take long. As the 114th Congress begins today, Congressman Collin Peterson is doubling-down as a champion of the Obama-Pelosi agenda.

This afternoon, Collin Peterson voted for firebrand liberal Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. Despite his closest re-election on record, Collin Peterson is wasting no time proving he’ll still walk the party line for Democrats in Washington.

He’ll stand with Pelosi and Obama who’ve wrought the unworkable Obamacare law, overreaching government and harmful jobs policies that many Americans soundly rejected. But Collin Peterson is ready for more of the same failure.

Collin Peterson’s 5th consecutive vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker should be his final. It’s time for Collin Peterson to come home.

The Bottom Line:
Nothing says “gone Washington” like Collin Peterson voting to make controversial liberal Nancy Pelosi the Speaker for the fifth straight time. Minnesotans are growing rightfully dissatisfied with a 24-year congressman who continues to promote his political party interests at their expense.