CLF Statement on Dan Bishop’s Victory in NC-09

Congressional Leadership Fund, House GOP Leadership’s endorsed super PAC, released the following statement on Dan Bishop’s victory in the special election for North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District.

“Congratulations to Dan Bishop on his hard-fought victory in North Carolina’s special election,” said CLF President Dan Conston. “The results tonight are the clearest sign yet that the left’s embrace of socialism is putting even their strongest and best-funded candidates in dire jeopardy. Though McCready had the financial advantage at every turn, CLF mobilized quickly and made the investments needed to expose his self-dealing ways and turn out key Republican voters. We look forward to welcoming Dan Bishop to Congress in short order.”

Congressional Leadership Fund played a key role in helping to deliver victory for Congressman-elect Dan Bishop. CLF made early investments in television and digital advertising as well as key turnout operations. When early vote reports indicated that Republican returns were lagging, CLF added an additional $400,000 for GOTV efforts, including additional mail, phones, and texts. CLF’s efforts totaled $2.4 million and were integral to countering McCready’s $5 million dollar haul and the additional millions in spending by Democrat outside groups.

Watch CLF’s ads in the NC-09 special herehere and here.

Visit CLF’s website,, which was heavily promoted in digital advertising here.