CLF Releases New Radio Ad in NY-19

Ad exposes Democrat Antonio Delgado’s liberal, extreme values; cites Delgado’s controversial rap 

WASHINGTON – Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, announced today a new radio ad will be hitting the airwaves in New York following the controversy surrounding NY-19 Democratic congressional candidate Antonio Delgado, also called “AD the Voice.”

The spot details the Democratic congressional hopeful’s extreme, out-of-touch liberal values, evidenced by AD The Voice’s controversial and recently discovered rap album. The album’s lyrics, many of which were not made publicly available by AD the Voice, go so far as to criticize the War on Terror, minimize the 9/11 tragedy, and are made up of explicit, explosive lines. The ad will begin airing today in the Albany and Poughkeepsie media markets.

“From attacking America’s founding principles as ‘inherently flawed’ to minimizing the 9/11 tragedy, AD the Voice used his raps to make his explosive, out-of-touch, liberal views clear,” said Courtney Alexander, CLF spokeswoman. “Considering that if elected to Congress, AD the Voice would back tax hikes on hardworking families and support Washington, D.C. control of health care, the extreme views he represents would probably fit better in New York City or San Francisco, not NY-19.”

Listen to the ad here.


ANNCR: Antonio Delgado wants to be a Congressman…

But not long ago, Delgado was a rapper in Los Angeles…

Calling himself “AD the Voice…”

(Rap with censored lyrics)

ANNCR: Delgado’s raps were vile, a sonic blast of hateful rhetoric and anti-American views…

His words, weaponized to insult anyone who disagreed.

Delgado minimized the 9/11 tragedy. Mocked the War on Terrorism.

His song, “Dead Presidents” attacked America’s founding principles as, quote, “inherently flawed.”

His career going nowhere, Delgado moved to New York City and became a lawyer.

New city, new job, same liberal values.

Now – more extreme than ever – Delgado just moved here to run for Congress.

Like Pelosi, Delgado backs massive tax hikes… Washington control of health care… plans that would crush our families.

Antonio Delgado. New York City values. Not for us.