CLF Releases New Radio Ad In NE-02 Highlighting Kara Eastman’s Radical Past

New ad presents a clear choice for Nebraska voters: Kara Eastman, a radical liberal, versus Don Bacon, an American patriot

WASHINGTON – Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, announced today a new radio ad will be hitting the airwaves in Nebraska’s Second Congressional District. The spot highlights Kara Eastman’s radical past and extreme liberal views, including her support of raising middle-class taxes and spending trillions on liberal handouts. The ad then presents the contrast NE-02 voters will have, emphasizing Don Bacon’s record of being a leader on national security, serving in the U.S. Air Force and leading Offutt Air Force Base.

“Kara Eastman is an extreme liberal who would raise taxes on Nebraska’s middle-class families and support spending trillions of dollars on liberal handouts in Congress,” said Courtney Alexander, CLF Communications Director. “While Kara was dropping F-bombs with her band in college, Don Bacon was keeping our country safe, serving in the U.S. Air Force and preparing to lead Offutt Air Force Base. The choice is clear for Nebraska families this fall: Don Bacon, an American leader.”

Listen to the ad here.


VO: There’s a clear choice for Congress between a liberal radical…

…and a patriot who served as the Commander of Offutt Air Base.

Kara Eastman supports spending trillions on liberal handouts…

…and raising middle-class taxes through the roof.

No surprise.

Kara Eastman’s been a radical since her school days.

In college, Eastman studied to be a sex therapist…

…and was the singer in a band called Pieces of F***. (bleep)

Here’s Eastman bragging about it:

EASTMAN: “I was in a band in college called Pieces of F***.” (bleep)

VO: While Eastman was dropping F-bombs, Don Bacon was serving in the Air Force and preparing to lead at Offutt.

EASTMAN: “I was in a band in college called Pieces of F***.” (bleep)

VO: A liberal radical versus an American patriot.

The choice is clear:

Don Bacon for Congress.