CLF Releases New OH-12 Ad Featuring Governor John Kasich

New ad features Governor John Kasich endorsing Troy Balderson

WASHINGTON – On the heels of Ohio Governor John Kasich’s endorsement of Troy Balderson, Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, today released a new ad, “Governor Kasich,” airing in the special election in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. The ad features Governor John Kasich encouraging Ohioans to vote for Troy Balderson on August 7. The spot is part of CLF’s television buy, which exceeds $2 million, and will run simultaneously on broadcast and cable, as well as digital platforms.

“Governor Kasich has been a leader for Ohio, and is now encouraging Ohioans to join him in supporting Troy Balderson, a fighter for Ohio families,” said Courtney Alexander, CLF Communications Director. “Dishonest Danny O’Connor would support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker along with her extreme, liberal agenda. The choice is clear, Ohio families need a leader like Troy Balderson in Congress.”

In addition to the ad campaign, CLF launched a field program to support Troy Balderson made up of a district-wide phone and door-to-door GOTV effort which will result in over 500,000 doors knocked by Election Day in August.

Watch the ad here.


GOVERNOR KASICH: On August seventh, we’re going to elect a new member of Congress.

Troy Balderson was a partner of mine as a member of the Ohio Legislature…

…and he helped in cutting taxes and turning Ohio around.

Troy shares our common sense values on important issues that face us today.

Troy Balderson has my vote.

He should have your vote too.

VO: On Tuesday, August seventh, join Governor Kasich in voting for Troy Balderson for Congress.