CLF Releases New Ads, “Education” and “Dishonest Danny” In OH-12

New ads present clear choice: Balderson fighting for Ohio families versus O’Connor fighting for political cronies

WASHINGTON – Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC), the super PAC endorsed by House Republican leadership, today released two new television ads, “Education” and “Dishonest Danny,” airing in the special election in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. The ads are part of CLF’s nearly $1 million buy, which will run simultaneously on broadcast and cable.

The latest ads continue to frame the race as a choice between Troy Balderson and his record of fighting for the issues that matter to Ohio families versus Danny O’Connor, an out-of-touch candidate who would put Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda ahead of Ohio values.

One ad, “Education,” features MaryBeth Comfort, a former elementary teacher and mother of six, discussing Troy Balderson’s record of success on education, including fighting for the largest investment in education in Ohio history. Another ad, “Dishonest Danny,” details Danny O’Connor’s hypocrisy: touting his public service on the campaign trail, then skipping nearly half of Data Processing Board meetings while offering taxpayer-funded jobs to his political cronies.

“This August, Ohio voters have a clear choice between Troy Balderson’s record of getting results for Ohio families and liberal Danny O’Connor, a no-show politician who is more interested in doing favors for his friends than delivering results,” said Corry Bliss, CLF Executive Director. “Troy Balderson has a record of putting Ohio families first, tackling the opioid epidemic and fighting for Ohio’s kids. The only thing O’Connor would put first is Nancy Pelosi’s dangerous, out-of-touch agenda.”

View “Education” here.


MARYBETH: I’m a former elementary teacher and the mom of six.

Education is important to me.

That’s why I am supporting Troy Balderson.

Troy fought for the largest investment in education in Ohio history.

And he’s fighting to ensure our kids are career-ready.

Strengthening vocational training and freezing tuition.

Investing in classrooms and requiring accountability.

Troy Balderson fights hard for Ohio kids.

View “Dishonest Danny” here.


VOICEOVER: Dishonest Danny O’Connor…

O’Connor says…

DANNY O’CONNOR: We need to have people who are committed to public service every day.

Not people who are committed to partisan politics.

Not people who are appointed because of cronyism.

VO: But Danny O’Connor does the opposite.

O’Connor skipped nearly half the board meetings we paid him to attend.

And stacked his office with political cronies, donors, and friends.

Dishonest Danny O’Connor.

He’d make Washington worse.

In early June, CLF launched a field program to support Troy Balderson. The field office in Franklin County will be the base of a district-wide phone and door-to-door GOTV effort which will result in over 500,000 doors knocked by Election Day in August.