CLF Releases “Gifts” Ad Campaign Against Pete Gallego

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPAC) today released the ad “Gifts” in Texas’ 23rd congressional district race, delivering a closing salvo on Pete Gallego’s liberal record for President Obama at the expense of Texans.

In Texas, Pete Gallego campaigns as a moderate, but in Washington, he’s a liberal loyalist for Obama. Despite higher costs for Texans, Pete Gallego voted for Obamacare, just like President Obama wanted. And when President Obama didn’t like a balanced budget, Pete Gallego voted against it, too.

The ad will run on San Antonio broadcast and cable as part of CLF’s $1.1 Million in independent expenditures in the TX-23 race. “Gifts” will also feature a 15-second version for online advertising. CLF’s sister organization, American Action Network, has already spent $500,000 in the race.

View the :30 TV ad here.

View the :15 online ad here.

“From Obamacare to big-government spending, Pete Gallego delivers the goods for President Obama,” said Emily Davis, spokeswoman for Congressional Leadership Fund. “Now Texans know that a vote for Pete Gallego is a vote for President Obama.”

:30 Script:


When Pete Gallego went to Washington, he came bearing gifts.

Liberal loyal votes for Barack Obama.

Gallego supported ObamaCare, forcing higher premiums on Texans.

Costing two trillion dollars.

Gallego’s what Obama wished for, a big spender who voted against balanced budgets.

Allowing Obama to spend even more.

Congressman Pete Gallego. A vote for Obama, a vote against Texas.

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