CLF Makes $15 Million In New Ad Reservations For Final Month

WASHINGTON – Congressional Leadership Fund, the super PAC aligned with Leader Kevin McCarthy and all of House Republican Leadership, announced $15 million in new advertising reservations as we continue doubling down in the fight to win the House Majority. With the new additions today, CLF’s spending reservations now total over $200 million.

“The palpable energy we’ve seen all cycle behind the fight for a new Majority is only intensifying in the final stretch,” said CLF President Dan Conston. “We will continue doubling down and making the investments we need to take the fight to Democrats and win November 8th.”

CLF’s new reservations are as follows…

$3.65 million for CA-13 and CA-22

$1.5 million for CA-49 and CA-47

  • Includes $700,000 in LA Broadcast

$700,000 in CT-05

$600,000 in IN-01

$900,000 in MN-02

$180,000 in NM-02

$630,000 in NE-02

$2 million in NJ-07 (NYC Broadcast)

$350,000 in NY-22

$1 million in PA-07

$1 million in RI-02

$200,000 in TX-28

$550,000 in TX-34

$725,000 in WA-08

$1.4 million in additional digital reserves nationwide