CLF Launches TV Ad Supporting Morgan Luttrell

Washington — Congressional Leadership Fund released a new television ad today supporting Morgan Luttrell in the TX-08 primary. The spot will run across cable and broadcast television, highlighting Morgan Luttrell’s life of service as a decorated Navy SEAL and Trump appointee who will fight to protect Texas values.

From the streets of Baghdad to the halls of Congress, no matter where the battlefield takes him, Morgan Luttrell will never stop fighting to defend our way of life,” said CLF President Dan Conston. “Morgan Luttrell is an American hero and exactly the warrior we need in Washington to stop Joe Biden’s reckless policies from destroying our country.”


Navy Seal trained for war

Fought bravely in two of them

9 combat deployments

Make that 10 after we send Morgan Luttrell to Congress

Luttrell will fight the Biden Pelosi agenda and defend our Texas way of life

Finish the wall 

No excuses 

Back the blue

Crush the woke mob 

Protect Texas energy like he did serving in Trump’s energy department 

Conservative Morgan Luttrell for Texas